About us

We manufacture brush cutters and shredders, both flush and blade, intended for use by hobbyists as well as professionals.


The care and attention we give to the continuous evolution of our products and the search for innovation has led us to become a leading company in the slope cutting sector today.


We own the patent SWING SYSTEM, an innovative oscillating motor machine system that keeps the engine in a horizontal position, regardless of the lateral slope of the ground.


This allows us to offer a wide range of brushcutters and shredders, remote-controlled as well, both wire and blade for slopes of up to 45 ° with engines from 6 up to 34 horsepower, in addition to our range of machines designed for flat terrain.


Quality is the foundation of our company policy and our decision to build machines made entirely of steel with the use of professional engines has allowed us to not only guarantee but excel at efficiency with our products over time.


Our distribution operates across an extensive network of authorized dealers throughout the country. We also collaborate with importers for the distribution of our products abroad.


We also participate in major trade fairs such as EIMA, every two years in Bologna, and GAFA in Cologne.


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Via Dovizi, 18  47122 Forlì - ITALY



About us
About us
About us
About us